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Suzanne Burger z”l Klei Kodesh Fund

This fund was established in 2012 in memory of Suzanne Burger z”l, whose blessed memory inspired several of her friends to contribute to purchasing a Sefer Torah in her honour, that was donated to Annex Shul.

Thank you Ronnen Harary, Gail & Ronnie Faust & Family, Ilana & Bram Belzberg & Family, Bonny Silver & Family, Jennifer Gold, Nathan Perlis & Family, Sarah & Morris Perlis, Lynn & Brent Belzberg,  Shelby & Kobi Bessin, Margie & Jerome Shore, Amy & Aaron Platt & Family, and Elana Metter.

As a young Shul we are in need of both general donations and specific items including:

  • A portable Aron Kodesh
  • A bimah
  • Machzorim
  • Torah Breast Plate

If you would like to make a contribution to this fund please contact info@annexshul.com and provide us with your name, contact number and how you would like to support Annex Shul.