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Annex Shul provides educational programming that promotes traditional Jewish teachings, in line with the central Jewish value of talmud Torah, the study of spiritual teachings as a means of formal training of the mind, advancing the knowledge and abilities of our community.
The three tracks of educational programming at Annex Shul include (1) encouraging Jewish literacy, (2) practical skill and ritual development and (3) Lishma, a regular Jewish learning program to explore Jewish life and learning.
A major aspect of our activities center on regularly held religious services, and our educational programming supports and deepens ritual and spiritual dimensions of our community.

The education at Annex Shul is based on the belief that when you mix a thoughtful teacher with good coffee, an interesting piece of Jewish text, and open-minded people, something special is bound to happen. Our educational classes and series are discussion-based and interactive and we encourage you to grapple with the ideas presented. We learn in coffee shops, the Wolfond Centre and anywhere else that has a good vibe, as we believe that Jewish learning can and should happen everywhere. Our past classes have included, the weekly Torah portion, Jewish history, cooking, Jewish Couplehood, davening and holiday classes. We are always open to new ideas, so please let us know what you would like to learn with us.

Please also join us at an upcoming semester of Lishma Jewish Learning Project!


Text and Visual Study with Jessica Tamar Deutsch creator of The Illustrated Pirkei Avot


Lishma Class: Starting an Indigenous/Jewish Canadian Conversation with Leah Mauer