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Our Siddur

Our New Siddur

For over a year in 2012, the Annex Shul Ritual Committee discussed the question: “Which siddur (prayer book) best captures the traditional and pluralistic spirit of Annex Shul and will meet our ritual needs for years to come? “


Our community is composed of individuals with diverse levels of Jewish literacy, Hebrew reading skills, comfort with prayer, and perspectives on God.

In our endeavour to find the Siddur that could accommodate all of these needs, we reviewed each potential Siddur using the following criteria:

  • Denomination of the Siddur
  • Quality of translation
  • Quality of transliteration
  • Use of egalitarian language including the inclusion of Matriarchs
  • Nushach (Ashkenazi vs. Sefarad and Sefaradi)
  • Treatment of a future Redemption including Mashiach (messiah), rebuilding of the Beit Hamikdash (Temple)  and the resuscitation of the dead
  • Quality of commentary
  • Aesthetics and layout
  • Services included (complete vs. only Shabbat and Holidays)


We explored and compared dozens of siddurim, including the popular prayer books from each denomination as well as a few lesser known ones. Following an extensive search and an open meeting with our community, we realized that no one Siddur has all the features that are important to us. For the Annex Shul community, an ideal Siddur would be traditional, easy to use with a clear layout, include Hebrew, a rich English translation and transliteration and most importantly, offer liberal and egalitarian options (inclusion of Matriarchs in the Amidah, for example).

In true Annex Shul spirit, our conclusion was…… GET TWO SIDDURIM! We have selected two very different siddurim, empowering you, to choose the one you most connect to when you join us for tefilah (prayer). Or perhaps, you will even alternate and explore the richness of the translations, commentaries and alternative readings in both siddurim?



Koren Sacks Siddur 

Key features:

  • Modern Orthodox and inclusive
  • New and rich translation
  • Easy to use and read
  • Complete Siddur including: Shabbat, Holidays, weekdays and key Jewish ceremonies (weddings, Bar and Bat Mitvah, Brit Milah and Zeved Habat- baby naming for girls)
  • Introduction by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks, Chief Rabbi of the Commonwealth

Check out the publishers’ website: ( and a short video by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks-

Eit Ratzon

Key Features:

  • Traditional, progressive and Non-denominational
  • Addresses philosophical concerns with certain traditional prayers and offers alternatives
  • Modern Translation
  • Transliterated with modern Hebrew pronunciation
  • Guideposts for Beginners
  • Includes New prayers and meditations

Check out the publisher’s website and full list of unique features:



We take our motto seriously:  “Come as you are.  Make it Yours.”  The ritual committee sincerely hopes that these two new options will help you to “make it yours” when we daven together.