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Friday Night Services and Potluck Dinner
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Friday Night Services and Potluck Dinner
October 6, 2017 6:30 pm
October 6, 2017 10:00 pm
Wolfold Centre
36 Harbord Street, Toronto, United States

Join us for egalitarian services and/or potluck dinner this week, Friday, October 6.
Services will start at 6:30 followed by a three-table potluck, with kiddush in the sukkah.

Please bring a vegetarian dish to share (dairy and Kosher fish is cool), made with Kosher ingredients. Your dish can either be home cooked or purchased.
When you arrive, you will be asked to place your dish on one of three tables.
Table 1. Vegetarian food prepared in strictly kosher kitchens – all packaged/processed foods & drinks (incl. cheese & wine) have a hekhsher.
Table 2. Vegetarian food prepared in strictly vegetarian kitchens – no meat or fowl at all in the kitchen (kosher fish is ok)
Table 3. Vegetarian food prepared in omnivores’ kitchens – the specific food brought still needs to be vegetarian (kosher fish is ok), but the kitchen isn’t strictly vegetarian nor kosher.