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Annex Shul is making a presence in your neighbourhood! There is no doubt about it – we are growing and we need your help to sustain and nurture that growth. Help us do this by becoming a member!

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Tikkun Olam Social Action Committee

Tikkun Olam Kinder Kit

The Social Action Committee seeks to define Annex Shul’s tikkun olam strategy & coordinate year-round opportunities.
There are no pre-requisites to join other than your willingness to attend planning meetings and participate in events. If you’re interested in joining, or simply learning more about Social Action at Annex, please contact Steve Bercovici .

One of the most meaningful aspects of Annex Shul is our Tikkun Olam (‘repairing the world’) Charity initiative.

Every month or two, a volunteer event is held with non-profit organizations around the city.

Examples include the National Council of Jewish Women of Canada’s Passover Food Drive, a ‘sold out’ event that saw many volunteers organize and pack gift boxes with Kosher for Passover staples; the Annex Shul/Jewish Immigrant Aid Services Speed Mentoring event, which matched professionals working here with those new to the country; the UJA Walk for Israel, and the Dress for Success Volunteer Event.

Annex Shul is proud and excited to be able to truly take an active role in making our local and global community a better place.

Syrian Refugee Response

Annex’s Social Action Committee is currently seeking volunteers for our Syrian Refugee Response. We are

partnering with Jewish Immigrant Aid Services (JIAS), an organization committed to sponsoring 10

refugee families in 2016. Please contact Steve Bercovici (steveberco@gmail.com) if you are interested in

either of these two urgent volunteer opportunities:

1) Immigration Forms Assistant

Role: Complete the forms necessary for JIAS to sponsor refugee families

Time Commitment: 2-3 hour training session (week 1) followed by 4 hours of form completion

within a 2 week period (weeks 2 and beyond)

– Option to work on additional cases as desired.

2) First-Time Activity Buddy

Role: Guide newly landed refugees through critical but basic activities (i.e. explore the TTC or the

city with them, apply for ID or a driver’s license, etc…)

Time Commitment: 2-3 consecutive hours per outing

No specific skill set is required for either of these roles, nor is a vehicle. Please get in touch if you have

any questions.